Credit Union Owned Life Insurance(CUOLI)

If you are currently an executive or on the board of directors at a credit union, you know the regulatory environment is rapidly evolving. Match that with our current interest rate period and that most senior executives are capped on how much they can contribute to a qualified contribution plan.  Credit Unions must seek out alternative compensation and benefit incentive plans for senior officers that reward & retain while affording the greatest protection & flexibility to the institution.

The Glenn G. Geiger Company represents several proprietary benefit plan designs and provides a full service approach to the design, administration and financing of programs including collateral assignment split-dollar, 457(f) compensation and 162 bonus plans. Compliance, due diligence and following regulatory guidance of the National Credit Union Association and OCC bulletins are foundations of our work.

The benefit of CUOLI include :

  • Tax Advantages to Executive & Credit Union
  • Cost-Effective solutions tailored to each client
  • Contractual guarantees
  • Significant benefit to executive without negative net impact to institutions earnings.

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