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Our Difference
For over 60 years, the Geiger Company has provided retirement plan advice, design,
administration and financing strategies to corporate America and the community bank
marketplace.  Our experience spans both sides of the retirement spectrum covering IRS
qualified plans and nonqualified executive benefits.  In the early 70’s, our founder, Glenn G.
Geiger, pioneered the development of nonqualified executive and director plans recognizing
early on that these key employees could not take full advantage of the IRS qualified plan
benefits due to IRS limits and restrictions.

What makes the Geiger Company different from its competitors?  It is our people and our
consultative, advisory approach, which puts safety and soundness first. It is our focus on
building long term relationships not on selling product and yield.  It is about putting the
needs of our clients first and becoming a trusted partner for life.  It is all about the privilege
of serving our clients and creating value and peace of mind.

We also differentiate ourselves from the competition by:

  • Providing a full service approach to the design, administration and financing
of benefit programs.  Many of our competitors only sell product and outsource
the administration.

  • Making compliance and the due diligence process the highest priority.

  • Educating our clients and helping them make fully informed decisions.

  • Out-disclosing other providers.

  • Providing creative and cost-effective solutions.

  • Focusing on a BOLI implementation process that is a benefit driven, needs
oriented process.

  • Building a BOLI portfolio over time for flexibility, diversification, safety and
Over 60 Years
of Service
Glenn G. Geiger Company, Inc.
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